Top tips for boys parties, age 0-8 years

Further to my last blog, Top Tips For Organising Childrens Parties, now the big question is what should you hire?

At WhyBuy, we have the answers to this question but first, we need to know the gender and age of the child. You’re welcome to call us – or pop into our WhyBuy shop inside Tesco Surrey Keys.

Over the next few blogs, I will break down which products you could hire from us to host a great party for your child.

We will cover parties for: Boys aged 0 – 8 years, Girls aged 0 – 8 years, Boys aged 9+ and Girls aged 9+.

So, you guessed it, today is all about a party for a boy aged 0 – 8 years and if your son is anything like mine, you want options that will keep them going, all party long.

The first starting point for any party is what’s the main entertainment? And we always start with a bouncy castle, our bouncy castle is commercial grade, they come in a few colours so ask for the options.

But remember if you can’t stand, you can’t bounce. For the under 3’s, get the Soft Play Area, Slide and Rocker and the Iglu Ball Pit which comes with colourful balls, and yes, all little kids just love to play with little balls.

If you want something unique, choose our Kids quad bikes and everyone will be talking about the party days after. Just so we are clear, they are 12-volt battery powered quad bikes suitable for indoors and outdoors, we recommend a minimum space of 10 meters by 7 meters. They work on all surfaces except for sand and mud. They last over 2 hours and can be charged during the day to extend battery life.

To keep the party moving, we also recommend Mega Bubble Machine. I have never seen soap allow kids to have so much fun.

Another option is Giant Jenga by Big Game Hunters for those brick building experts, and parents can also get involved.

To keeps the parents moving and the kids dancing, why not hire the JBL Pulse 4 Wireless Speaker. Perfect for organising musical games all kids love. And to finish off the day in style get the Royal Catering Hot Dog Steamer, as I mentioned in previous blog, kids don’t want to eat unless the food itself is part of the fun.

Lastly, as all parties need practical solutions depending on number of guest and location of party, why not hire several practical products like a 6ft Folding Table and 6 Folding Chairs that seats 6 people, order based on anticipated adult guest as kids may be too busy to seat down. Also add an All-Seasons Pop-Up Gazebo – Self Install and Adjustable Standing Patio Heater, if you are doing the party outdoors, you can trust the British weather to be unpredictable.

All products above are available to hire for a day from WhyBuy, happy planning.

Written by Lucky Ade, WhyBuy Retail Manager.

Top tips for organising children’s parties

As all parents know, organising a kid’s party can be a nightmare, and I am not referring to the mess you must clear up after the party ends. No, I mean knowing where to start. As a dad to an 8-year-old jumper, a 5-year-old princess and having been CEO of a small company with over 300 parties in our clients’ book, I can give a little advice.

So, this is a guide to where to start and how to finish a party of dreams.

  1. Ask your child to help with the invitation list. Always have an idea of how many kids you are planning to invite, this is important as it will determine where the party can take place. Having a party at home sometimes seems more cost effective and easier than using a hall or public space but always take into consideration potential for damage to your carpets, furniture etc.
  2. Decide what the party theme is. All kids have an idea of what their ideal party should be so ask them. Party themes are sometimes a reflection of the kid having the party, from princess theme to dinosaurs’ theme, from relaxed tea party to laser tag party. Once you know this information, everything else falls into place. The best options are always to hire rather than buy for convenience, storage, and cost.
  3. Get creative, go online, and look for ideas around the party themed, this can save you money with DIY tips on decorations, as well as give you more focus on what is right for your kid’s party. Get your kid involved, it will create the party mood long before the party day.
  4. Plan with your kid, what games and activity should take place on the day, you can make a program for yourself to guide you. Remember it’s a guide, the focus should always be the guest and your child having a good time. Aim to get at least 75% of the activities/ games completed (mainly for your sense of achievement).
  5. If you are using a party entertainer or booking with a company, make sure you discuss everything you can with them, get all the details including times, processes, and charges. You don’t want surprises on the day, well not one that has a negative effect. Good communication will make the day go much smoother.
  6. Don’t make the most common mistake, preparing too much food. Yes, no party should run out of food before it gets going, but then not many people come to parties to eat a lot. For most kids eating at a party take time away from having fun, so they avoid food where possible.
  7. Party gift bags sometimes cost more than the entire cost of organising the party, for most kids, it something that they can take home that would not normally be at home. Keep it simple, age appropriate and fun.
  8. Thank your guest for coming, this can be just before they start leaving, get your kid involved too. This makes them feel special, centre of attention.

To end, remember planning anything is stressful, but the key to a great party is for you to appear to have enjoyed it too, don’t stay in the background, get out and have fun with the kids.

Oh yes, and take lots of pictures, all kids like to remember the little details they may have missed on the day.

Written by Lucky Ade, WhyBuy Retail Manager.

Top Ten Halloween Movie Picks – for a spooky night in

When October creeps around, it gets dark early, there’s a chill in the air and it always seems like a good time to throw a movie night and put on a scary film.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the movies that go along with it. Make sure to turn off all the lights, lock every door, and settle into your at-home movie night experience with the best of the best Halloween movies. Below are 10 movies that we think you should watch (or binge).

Of course, we recommend you watch your favourite Halloween movie in style with our Movie Night Package.

Halloween Classics

They might be ancient, but they can still scare you silly.

  1. Halloween (1978)

A classic John Carpenter horror movie that introduced the infamous Michael Myers. Prepare to be at the edge of your seat when watching this merciless thrill of horror.

  1. The Omen (1976)

Based loosely on a true story which adds to the chills. Filled with mysterious deaths and 10/10 shock value.

  1. The Shining (1980)

One of the scariest classic tales ever made, a simple concept made into an unforgettable, psychological horror.

Halloween with a hint of Comedy

These horror comedy films will make you laugh and scream.

  1. Beetlejuice (1988)

A classic Tim Burton comedy horror, which is often described as spectacularly weird, but always a Halloween favourite.

  1. Shaun of The Dead (2004)

This parody movie is notorious for its great mixture of wit, violence, and romance.

Halloween but Family Friendly

There’s nothing like a little scare to bring you closer to your loved ones.

  1. Casper (1995)

Everybody’s childhood favourite and a great choice to watch with the kids.

  1. The Addams Family (2019)

A great family movie which features many iconic personalities and witty dark humour.

Halloween Movie Marathons

Why only watch one movie on your movie night, when you can scare yourself silly all night long.

  1. A Quiet Place (2018) (2020)

An overall nerve-shredding must-watch horror sequel. Once you watch the first you’ll definitely be itching to watch the next.

  1. Don’t Breathe (2016) (2021)

A thrilling horror which will have you sweating by the end. Jaw dropping plot twists after plot twists.

  1. The Conjuring (2013) (2016) (2021)

The best kind of Halloween sequel: A heart-racing, brutal and gruesome watch.

Let us know which movie you chose at