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Our sustainability goal #2: building confidence in our green practices

WhyBuy’s approach to sustainability, part two: keeping our processes as green as we can

WhyBuy is the blend of providing access to a catalogue of items that are frequently needed but where ownership is hassle.  While peer to peer in small communities can seem appealing, the lack of consistency in quality, cleanliness , range and pricing has meant they have not taken off.  People want the confidence from a business that what they order is as good as if they had bought it themselves and WhyBuy can provide this.

Operationally, WhyBuy is one of the greenest startups ever founded.  The delivery fleet is made up entirely of Electric vans and are charged overnight at the company delivery centre from green electricity providers.  There is almost zero waste generated by the business as customers return any consumables (such as printer cartridges and paper or cleaning fluid in carpet shampooers) they have not used and packaging is reused and reconditioned.  In effect, a customer renting a Hot Tub from WhyBuy generates less carbon in receiving their order and powering the Hot Tub than their friends generate in travelling to them to use it by taxi.  Waste is the enemy of the company, even when it comes to time and for this reason WhyBuy lets customers select specific collection and delivery times so they are not wasting time waiting at home like other delivery providers.

It is the goal of the company to bring the amount of waste and packaging used to an absolute minimum and 100% of all waste to be recyclable.  At present, the only single use plastic being utilized is for wrapping certain items that have been sanitized as part of Covid19 preparation for items that are delivered unboxed such as Professional Spin Bikes and Baby High Chairs but need to be protected during the pandemic and where paper products would not suffice.

This is a key part of the blending of environmental sustainability and meeting consumer demand.  WhyBuy doesn’t believe that either of these core aspects of a 21st century company need to be compromised for the other – they actually complement each other.  The need for environmentally responsible business is what gives customers what they need and saves them money.

As part of this ambition, the company is capable of tracking the carbon savings that customers make by hiring rather than owning items that are infrequently used.  It is intended that in future releases, customers will see the amount of carbon they have saved by using a hired item rather than purchasing a brand new one and we intend to reward customers who reach certain milestones.  To do this, WhyBuy wishes to engage with Small World Consulting as the method of measuring the carbon cost of individual items in an accurate way will require specialist advice and assistance.  No only will we be showing customers how much money they save, we will be showing them the volume of carbon they have saved by hiring rather than buying.

Written by Jamie Conway, WhyBuy founder and CEO

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