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Our sustainability goal #1: to provide a great alternative to buying

WhyBuy’s approach to sustainability, part one: to provide a great alternative to buying

Commercial enterprises in the 21st century strive to have sustainability policies and climate change awareness in their day to day activities, alongside their core functionality.  WhyBuy however, has sustainability as its raison-d’etre.

The world currently needs 1.7 times the amount of resources that it can actually sustain.  This means we need 1.7 planets simply to keep at the same level of consumption.  This global problem is actually an opportunity for commerce and consumers to maintain their lifestyles while eliminating the vast amounts of waste and surplus-to-requirement products we use.

Example 1:

In 2017, Ian and his wife decided to bring their 2 children to Glastonbury.  The bought a variety of camping gear including a high-quality tent, inflatable beds for the children, camp beds for the adults as well as lighting, a table and bench set, portable batteries for device charging and a cooler for food and drinks.  In total, they spent more than £1,900 before they even bought the tickets to the festival and at the end of a wonderful weekend, are now the proud owners of all this equipment taking up space in their garage unlikely to be used again.

Carbon calculators are now widely accessible by the public and are a useful tool to see the impact of your food consumption and flights in generating your carbon footprint.  Only recently has the conversation begun about how much carbon it takes for consumer products at home that are designed for brief use and when you factor in the manufacturing of these items and the transport costs across the world, it is now believed they generate a significant portion of an individuals carbon footprint.  Buying a Black & Decker drill for £200 to make a few holes once a year makes no sense either commercially for consumers or environmentally.

Example 2:

Sarah was expecting her sister to arrive to London from Manchester with her 13 month old child for a weekend.  Her sister was travelling by train and while she had a buggy and chair with her, the ability to travel with a newborn as well as the necessary equipment meant Sarah had to buy a cot, baby rocker, playpen and safety gates for the stairs.  When her sister returned to Manchester, Sarah was the proud owner of all these items without any use for them and her nephew was soon to be too old to use them on the next visit.  Infrequent needs for certain products may be good for large manufacturers of cheap, limited use items but with WhyBuy Sarah could hire a higher quality cot which would both save her money and storage space and give her nephew a better night’s sleep.

WhyBuy was founded to explore the opportunity to be the Deliveroo for tools and home care.  The founders quickly realised that the duplication of items in homes went far beyond power drills and garden equipment and the solution to the a environmental emergency was answered by saving people money: How much stuff do you own at home that you never use?  How much money is tied up in those things at home that you bought for a single purpose but then simply had in your home?  If a properly curated service existed that allowed people to hire top quality items on-demand as and when they needed them, there would be significant savings both environmentally and in consumers’ pockets.

Written by Jamie Conway, WhyBuy founder and CEO

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