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Marketing Manager

WhyBuy launched in mid-2020 and has now built a comprehensive team - and product offering - to cater for the demand that will come in 2021.

To help build this demand, the leadership of WhyBuy is looking for a motivated individual to work with our chief commercial officer and our agencies to build content and use paid media to put that content to work to acquire new customers and build a following.

WhyBuy Mission

WhyBuy intends to do for things at home what Uber did for car ownership and Deliveroo did for take away. 

Our mission is to save consumers money, time, space and stress. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, it is more important that ever to be aware of how much resources we use. 

But that doesn’t mean compromising on your lifestyle and ambitions. 

WhyBuy gives you the capacity to access stuff any time you need it at significantly lower prices than owning them while also being more environmentally sustainable. 

How much stuff do you own at home that you never use? How much money is tied up in those things at home that you bought for a single use? 

At WhyBuy, we think the answer to both questions is “too much” and we want to be the change that empowers people without compromising on quality or experience. 

We run a 100% electric fleet because it’s better for the environment and it’s cheaper. Just like WhyBuy is for consumers.


WhyBuy will be in London only for the first half of 2021 and then expand across the UK. Overseas plans are for 2022 and beyond.

Uncertain times has boosted the need to use WhyBuy. From helping gyms make money in lockdown by renting their equipment out to helping people congrats comfortably in the cold, outdoors, WhyBuy has been busy at the end of 2020. 

Non ownership as a premise is now commonly embraced in cities across the world. Consumers needing certain products for brief periods have limited options. 

Clutter has a problem in-city living; consumers are looking to free up space in homes not store infrequently used items.

Environmental impact is more top-of-mind; the impact and cost of duplicating items unnecessarily in homes is tangible.

High quality, top-of-the-range brands can be provided at a fraction of the price of ownership, regularly.

In short, WhyBuy allows consumers to have items delivered for short periods at a time of their choosing and eliminates issues with owning items: 

Storage - Maintenance - Cost - Quality - Sustainability 

We are not peer-to-peer. There have been peer-to-peer sharing services that have attempted to fill this gap in the past, but the quality and reliability has put people off. We want to talk to people who have the need and build trust with them to get their hands on anything they need. Ultimately, we want to do for household items what Deliveroo did for eating out at home. 

This is about letting people focus on the tasks they want to do at home and opening up their options to choose how to complete them. 

The Role 

The role of marketing manager is to work with the Chief Commercial Officer to build demand through great content to the right people at the right time. At the right cost per engagement.

We are looking for someone with 3-4 years’ experience running performance marketing, content marketing and/or ecommerce programmes. We know that the person who lands the role will not have all the areas of expertise we need; we are looking for a fast learner.


Primary Duties: 

Generating brand awareness, installs, sales and repeat sales is everything. From lead generation to engaging current customers, the marketing manager will be involved in all aspects. We’re keen to learn which areas you’re an expert in and which areas you can quickly upskill, including:

App: the app will remain the primary source for business. optimization of the app stores will be important in an ongoing capacity; and we’re keen to use our attribution partner, Appsflyer, to understand how to bring down the cost per install - of valuable customers.


Website: the new ecommerce website will be live shortly and will need regular content updates.


Search: SEO on the new site will be vital; paid search be key to our business’ growth


Affiliate marketing: we need to plan and implement our affiliate partnership program.


Social: content needs to be planned, built, boosted and optimised across multiple channels. 


Video content: whether in-house or via other partners, video will play a keen part of our business.

PR: from helping our CEO with his media profile to engaging the consumer press, TV and online journalists.


CRM including emails: from triggered emails to newsletters, from triggered push messages in-app to retargeting.


Paid media: working with our external partner to monitor and build a successful media presence

Role Specifications

A charismatic person who can influence, monitor and improve great, brave marketing and communications.

Ability to deal with multi-stakeholder issues particularly outside partners and being sensitive to consumer trends

Ability to help create a culture among colleagues of innovation and entrepreneurial flair

Ability to drive forward marketing development

We will be looking for candidates with:

A successful track record of exploiting new opportunities in line with strategic and business objectives in a comparable business

Evidence of a clear understanding of effective marketing techniques including both call-to-action and brand awareness campaigns

Excellent organisational and administrative skills

Experience performance marketing roles highly desirable.


Position Details

Full Time or Flexi Time depending on experience

Remote working discretionary for part of the week

Salary according to experience

Share options in the company


Applications should be sent to:

Please include your CV and a cover letter detailing how your experience is relevant to help WhyBuy gain a following of active customers.











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